February 21, 2012

Piggy Birthday Cake

this little piggy had a birthday...

pretty as a pigture!
My baby girl is turning 10 today.  She's actually my oldest daughter, but she'll always be my baby girl.  My, how time flies!  She absolutely loves pigs!  It all started with this darling stuffed animal pig her Grandma got her for her second birthday.  I think her herd numbers somewhere around  15 20 now!  So my son gave me the idea to make a pig cake for her.  I found this cute idea online and embellished it a little with some chocolate pudding "mud".  That was probably the most fun in making this cake.  I was able to hide any imperfections at the base with the pudding!  It's fun playing with food!  We actually celebrated with this cake a couple of days ago so her grandparents could be here.  She loved it-squeals of delight! :)   Now, to the details of this cute little piggy.........it's really very simple.  

The body is an 8" double layer, the head is a small round from USA Pans-the 6 well mini, the nose is a mini cupcake, and I used 2 regular sized cupcakes for the feet (just slice off the tops to even them out a bit).  The eyes and nostrils are just chocolate chips and I flattened 2 marshmallows for the ears.  I was in a hurry so I wasn't able to get the pink sugar to adhere very well to the ears but moistening the marshmallows first with a little egg white would probably help.  (We didn't eat the marshmallows).  The mud, as I've said, is simply chocolate pudding-and I added a little "dirt" with some crushed chocolate cookie wafers.  Have fun!

So happy birthday, sweetheart!  You are a good and perfect gift from above!  Hogs and kisses!

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