February 8, 2012

Snickers Apple Salad

Okay, this is one of those ridiculously easy recipes that is almost embarrassing to post!  But it is so good and your kids will think you're awesome!  I have to smile when I throw something like this together and my sweet 7-year-old boy says, "Mama, you're the best cook in the world!"  This was a side salad, more of a dessert salad, that a friend brought me after having one of my babies.  I could detect little bits of Snickers (which is my favorite candy bar in the whole entire universe!!!!!), but being that I had recently given birth to my 6th child and was living on two hours of sleep, I needed a little help with the rest of the ingredients!  :)  She laughed as she told me.......apple, celery, peanuts, Cool Whip.  There you have it!  One incredibly easy, delicious dessert salad.  Now most of my kids hate celery, but I include it anyway for the crunch factor-besides, I told them they had to have something healthy along with the apple, if they wanted any little Snickers bits!  This is one of those things where you just add as much as you want of everything, but here's an idea of the amounts I used.   I skimped on the Snickers bars just to make it a little healthier-more is always better!  :)  

8 to 10 medium apples, (I used Fuji)
2 stalks celery, chopped
1 cup low-salt roasted peanuts
4 (more or less) regular sized Snickers bars, chopped
1 (8-ounce) container whipped topping

Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl; mix well and chill.

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